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Who We Are

We are a media planning and buying agency focused exclusively on university and college advertising in Canada.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta with regional sales representatives operating across the country, we are a dynamic team of individuals working with a common purpose: to support one of the most unique and thriving niche markets in the industry.

In partnership with the Canadian University Press (CUP) alumni and former Gateway business staff Ashleigh Brown and Vikram Seth, the independent national advertising agency FREE has created a new division called FREE Media to focus on representing campus press in the national market. Our wealth of professional resources and years of experience working in this industry provides both papers and clients with the benefit of our first-hand understanding of campus media.

Why is FREE Media in the best position to represent campus press?

Campus press is no stranger to difficult times. Shortly after taking the helm as Business Manager of The Gateway– official student newspaper at the University of Alberta and the largest operation of its kind in Canada– Ashleigh discovered her new home to be on the brink of insolvency due to issues stemming from poor oversight and lack of operational controls.

Within two years, a $50,000 deficit became a $50,000 surplus in an organization that had expanded its editorial output and focus, as well as its impact and visibility on campus.

In his time as The Gateway’s Sales Manager, Vik was able to reverse the trend of a decline in print advertising and drive net local print sales to nearly $300,000 annually, implementing an online strategy in 2010 that saw sales double each year to over $20,000 in 2013.

Together, this dynamic duo holds a unique understanding of both the strengths and weaknesses of the market they represent. In partnering with FREE Advertising, Vik and Ashleigh bridge the gap between a professional advertising agency and a vibrant campus press community that believes the only rule for papers is that rules are meant to be broken—with the exception of the CP Style Guide, of course.

Unlike many external agencies, FREE Media was created to focus solely on the representation and interests of campus press. This is an agency created by and for our community.

Reach a national audience on over 100 campuses.

Trying to connect with students around the country can be difficult. But booking a national campaign through dozens of campus media outlets? Now that’s near impossible. As the preferred partner of the Canadian University Press, FREE Media acts as your ideal gateway to a broad and captive audience.

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