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FREE Media is committed to campus press.

But what does “free” mean to students? Free to partake, admire, critique and imagine. After years of experience in a campus newspaper environment, our team understands and believes in the importance of campus media. As such, FREE Media is dedicated to conducting business in a manner that supports a campus press of the students, by the students, and for the students.

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Reach a national audience on over 100 campuses.

Trying to connect with students around the country can be difficult. But booking a national campaign through dozens of campus media outlets? Now that’s near impossible. As the preferred partner of the Canadian University Press, FREE Media acts as your ideal gateway to a broad and captive audience.

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Reader Driven.

With just the right blend of hard-hitting news, irreverent humour, reader-driven content, and direct involvement in their community, campus media engages students like no other medium. Need to know more? Visit “Why Campus Media?” for the latest news and featured content profiling the best campus media has to offer its audience and yours.

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Expand your digital publishing to their hands.

Through our consultation programs and direct connection to campus publications, FREE Media provides active support to our papers as they adapt to a digital landscape. Produced by the same students whose affinity and enthusiasm for new delivery platforms has pushed them to the forefront of every advertiser’s mind, campus media is unique in its capacity to evolve with its audience.

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Campus press allows for a unique way to connect with students around the nation.

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